BIG MOVIE: Sandra Bullock’s Life-After-Prison Netflix Movie Starts Filming in Vancouver

Life-After-Prison Movie Sandra Bullock is about to start production in Vancouver on her next big Netflix movie. Filming dates: February 3rd to April 9th, 2020. The one after Bullock’s smash hit Birdbox, watched by over 45 million Netflix accounts in

FINAL SEASON: Matt Cohen Directs Misha Collins & Alex Calvert in SUPERNATURAL’s Gimme Shelter

Supernatural. Crossroads Castiel. Matt Cohen aka younger John Winchester is directing a big Supernatural episode which features a return to an iconic location — The Crossroads. Related: Matt Cohen aka Younger John Winchester is Directing Supernatural Episode Gimme Shelter. Filming

TV PILOTS: NBC Sci-fi Pilots DEBRIS & LA BREA To Film in Vancouver This March

TV Pilots Debris Filming dates: March 3rd to 19th. The sci-fi drama follows two agents from two different continents, and two different mindsets, must work together to investigate when wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft has mysterious effects on humankind.

FINAL SEASON: Matt Cohen Directs Misha Collins as Castiel at an Iconic SUPERNATURAL Location — The Crossroads.

Supernatural Final Season. Updated: Supernatural is filming at an iconic location — the Crossroads. This time it’s Castiel (Misha Collins) who tries to make a deal with the Crossroads Demon. Crew added telephone poles, stop signs and a wooden structure to

SERIES FINALE: What Happens With Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak aka Olicity in the ARROW Series Finale?

Arrow Series Finale. Do Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak go back to an earlier, happier time in the Arrow series finale? They reunite in his mother’s office in Queen Consolidated where Oliver Queen first saw Felicity Smoak. Actors Stephen Amell

SEASON 5: Double the Winn (Jeremy Jordan) on Tonight’s SUPERGIRL Directed By David Harewood

Supergirl Season 5 Double the Winn. A villainous Toyman version of Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) arrives from a different Earth as Team Supergirl’s tech expert Winn Schott returns from the future. Is there a connection? JEREMY JORDAN RETURNS; DAVID HAREWOOD DIRECTS

SEASON ONE: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Paul Wesley To Direct Upcoming Episode of BATWOMAN

Batwoman Season One. Paul Wesley to direct Batwoman. The Vampire Diaries alumnus is on deck to direct season one’s seventeenth episode. What will his Batwoman episode be about? Where we are now: Gotham City’s red-wigged crime-fighter came out as a

SEASON 5: Melissa Benoist Starts Directing Her SUPERGIRL Episode Next Week

Supergirl Season 5. Melissa Benoist directs. Melissa Benoist aka Supergirl herself will be directing her show Supergirl starting next week. Update: And so it begins. Melissa Benoist’s instastory on January 29th. Her directorial debut will be season five’s seventeenth episode.

FINAL SEASON: Matt Cohen aka Younger John Winchester Directs SUPERNATURAL Episode Gimme Shelter Next Week

Supernatural Final Season. Matt Cohen directs. Matt Cohen aka younger John Winchester starts directing an episode of Supernatural next week. BC Directors List. His episode is titled Gimme Shelter and will be the fifteenth episode of the fifteenth season. Prep

SEASON 5: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Films Season Finale at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Legends of Tomorrow Charlie? Blue Mush… Sucks. Legends of Tomorrow is filming it season five finale, with a big shoot at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Tuesday. Constantine and Sara (Matt Ryan and Caity Lotz).  Zari (Tala Ashe). Time flies.

NEW SERIES: Will Disney+’s TURNER & HOOCH Series Film in Vancouver?

Turner & Hooch Have you sseen the 1989 buddy cop movie Turner & Hooch with a young Tom Hanks as Detective Scott Turner? Disney+ is turning it into a series. And it’s expected to film in Vancouver. Scott Turner has