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Longtime mainstream media (MSM) journalist and author Susan Gittins began writing about and photographing Vancouver’s many film and TV location shoots in the summer of 2010 after the Winter Olympics put the city and its beauty on the world stage. Movies and TV series often showcase the Vancouver area in similar fashion. Vancouver is Awesome commissioned her YVRShoots series in the fall of 2010 and it ran regularly for three years. She launched her own daily YVRShoots blog in the spring of 2012.
Posts by Susan Gittins:

PREMIERE: PRISON BREAK Ride Starts Again Tonight With T-Bag’s Photo Of Michael Alive

Linc-ety Linc. Looks like your brother just might be alive. — T-Bag. If you’re playing me, I’ll kill you. — Linc. Seven years after his supposed death, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)’s brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) learns that Michael is still alive and in prison in Yemen. The brothers have taken turns breaking each other [...]

TONIGHT: Mother’s Back Tonight on BATES MOTEL To Help Norman Dispose of a Body

Tonight’s Bates Motel looks Fargo-funny. Mother (Vera Farmiga)’s back to help Norman (Freddie Highmore) dispose of a body in the shower. As the suspicious Sheriff drops by to talk to Norman — again. Hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time. – Sheriff. Oh not at all – Norman. We found multiple bodies – [...]

WONDER CON: LUCIFER Panel As Star Tom Ellis Wraps Filming in Vancouver

The time has come. #Lucifer returns Monday, May 1 on @FOXTV. — Lucifer (@LuciferonFOX) April 2, 2017 Dad? — Lucifer. Lucifer teased its Spring block of episodes yesterday with a first look at Dad (Timothy Omundson), father of Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside). In the screencap he’s walking towards Mom (Tricia Helfer). [...]

SEASON 2: CHESAPEAKE SHORES With Meghan Ory & Jesse Metcalfe Films Its 2nd Season on Vancouver Island This Summer

Hallmark’s hit series Chesapeake Shores returns to Hollywood Northwest — Parksville/Qualicum Beach – this summer for a second season about the multi-generational Maryland O’Brien family. Adapted from Sheryl Woods’s 10-book series, Chesapeake Shores is about Abby O’Brien Winters (Meghan Ory), a divorced, mother of twins who returns home to the Maryland town her father (Treat [...]

FINALE: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) & Baby Robin in Steveston as Storybrooke

The Wicked Witch and Baby Robin. Zelena (Rebecca Mader) strolled through Steveston as Storybrooke tonight. Ready to roll. Back to serious. [...]

FINALE: CaptainSwan (Colin O’Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison) in the Swan Bug for ONCE UPON A TIME Season 6 Finale

How cute are CaptainSwan? That’s the shipper name for the Once Upon a Time couple — Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue( and Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison). Storybrooke Sheriff Swan and Deputy Sheriff Hook filmed this sequence in Emma’s yellow VW bug  for the season 6 finale in front of a crowd of fans in Steveston. [...]

FINALE: ONCE UPON A TIME Season 6 Finale Comes Full Circle With Emma & Henry (Jennifer Morrison & Jared Gilmore)

Does Once Upon a Time come full circle with Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and the-son-she-gave-away Henry (Jared Gilmore), who found her six seasons ago and brought her back to Storybrooke to end a curse and save the town? Emma and Henry had a long emotional scene at her yellow VW Bug parked outside Granny’s Diner [...]

NEXT MONTH: THE FLASH (Grant Gustin) Goes Into The Future in Quest to Save Iris West

The Once And Future Flash directed by Tom Cavanagh. Future Barry Allen looks a bit rough post-Iris’s death.  But he has a spiffy new suit. What are the other changes in 2024? Wally West is in a wheelchair. Cisco’s still a tech genius. Director Tom Cavanagh high-fives the Mirror Master. Related: The Flash, Mirror Master [...]

SHIP: SUPERGIRL’s #Karamel Evolves into Real-Life Romance For Melissa Benoist & Chris Wood

CW image. Karamel (the shipper name for Kara and Mon-El) has evolved into a real-life relationship for Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood. It’s not surprising if you’ve had a chance to see the two actors on set in Vancouver. The pair were papped on vacation in Mexico while their castmates schlepped in the rain [...]

TV PILOTS: ABC Female Buddy Cop & Con Pilot THE TRUSTEE With Meaghan Rath & Laverne Cox

Chemistry looks good in the female buddy cop and con pilot The Trustee. The ABC pilot brings together narcotics detective Eliza Radley (Meaghan Rath) and her precinct’s trustee Amanda Jones (Laverne Cox) — a con completing her prison sentence by doing odd jobs and filing for the police — in an unlikely partnership. Rath and Cox cracked [...]

DIRECTOR: Oscar Winner Casey Affleck Directs Himself & Co-Star Anna Priowsky in LIGHT OF MY LIFE in Vancouver

Casey Affleck on set of Light of My Life in New Westmister. Casey Affleck is pulling triple duty. The bearded Oscar winner wrote the script, directs and co-stars in the film Light of My Life about a father and his young daughter (Anna Priowsky) hunted in a post-pandemic world. Casey Affleck accepts the Oscar for Best Actor [...]