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Longtime mainstream media (MSM) journalist and author Susan Gittins began writing about and photographing Vancouver’s many film and TV location shoots in the summer of 2010 after the Winter Olympics put the city and its beauty on the world stage. Movies and TV series often showcase the Vancouver area in similar fashion. Vancouver is Awesome commissioned her YVRShoots series in the fall of 2010 and it ran regularly for three years. She launched her own daily YVRShoots blog in the spring of 2012.
Posts by Susan Gittins:

SEASON 13: Jensen Ackles, His Wife Danneel Harris & Misha Collins Film SUPERNATURAL in Horseshoe Bay

Danneel Ackles’s Instagram. Danneel Ackles and Misha Collins in Horseshoe Bay. What were Jensen Ackles, his wife Danneel Ackles and Misha Collins doing in Horseshoe Bay earlier this week? #Supernatural in Horseshoe Bay. JDM — Jensen Ackles, his wife Danneel Harris Ackles & Misha Collins surprised everyone by walking around the village like ….regular humans. [...]

SEASON 7: ONCE UPON A TIME Sisters Regina & Zelena (Lana Parrilla & Rebecca Mader) Reunite

Once Upon a Time sisters Regina and Zelena reunite in their new cursed identities: bartender Roni and spin instructor Kelly. So that’s who Roni (Lana Parrilla) and grownup Henry (Andrew J. West) drove to see in San Francisco. The wicked witch (Rebecca Mader) is now working as a spin instructor. And naturally Roni and Henry [...]

SEASON 13: SUPERNATURAL’s Sam & Dean & Cas Among Flowers; Lucifer Among Dumpsters in the Devil’s Bargain

Sam & Dean & Cas. The Supernatural trio filmed among fake flowers in Cloverdale today where crew had installed a gazebo and a new burger joint Late’s Burgers in Hawthorne Plaza. Eduardo Sanchez directed Devil’s Bargain with brothers Sam & Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) and their BFF, angel Castiel (Misha Collins) on [...]

FANS: Olicity Fans Sponsor Stanley Park Bench to Honour ARROW’s Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak

Updated. Olicity fans have waited more than five seasons for the wedding of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. It finally happened this Fall in the last minutes of the 4-show superhero crossover — Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. To honour the couple a group of fans raised $7,000 for a commemorative bench [...]

SEASON 6: Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) is Back in Vancouver for ARROW

Colton Haynes instagram. Updated: Is that you Roy Harper? Thea Queen was looking for you at Oliver and Felicity’s wedding reception. Roy used to be Thea’s boyfriend and Oliver’s sidekick and crime-fighting partner Arsenal. He left Team Arrow after masquerading as the Arrow and faking his own death. Thea got his Arsenal suit and took [...]


HOLIDAY FILMING HIATUS Supergirl From December 8th to January 3rd Arrow From December 15th to January 2nd The Good Doctor From December 15th to January 2nd iZombie From December 15th to January 3rd Supernatural From December 16th to January 2nd The Flash From December 16th to January 2nd The 100 From December 16th to January [...]

SEASON 6: ARROW’s Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) and Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) in Vancouver

What’s going on with villainous Black Siren/Laurel Lance and our Quentin Lance? In last night’s Arrow, Black Siren was ordered to kill her father’s doppelganger but she let him escape after they had a heart-to-heart about how her own Dad died on Earth 2 — a car accident while he was picking up a cake [...]

MID-SEASON: Who on Team ARROW is Testifying That Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow? Fall Finale Tonight.

Arrow image. Updated: Either Curtis, Dinah or Rene gave me up. We need to know why. We need to know who. — Oliver Queen to OTA. Someone on Team Arrow is willing to testify that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. No wonder this trio of suspects looked so glum at a Big Belly Burger [...]

SEASON 3: COLONY’s Josh Holloway in Downtown Vancouver

Colony shifted production to Vancouver from Los Angeles in season 3 as the Bowman family try to escape the alien occupiers by heading into the woods. Sarah Wayne Callies co-stars as Katie Bowman, along withTory Kittles, Peter Jacobson, Amanda Righetti, Jacob Buster, Isabella Crovetti-Cramp, Alex Neustaedter, Adrian Pasdar and Tony Plana. So it’s surprise to [...]

SEASON 7: ONCE UPON A TIME Buddy Cops Weaver & Rogers (Robert Carlyle & Colin O’Donoghue)

Updated: Robert Carlyle and Colin O’Donoghue have so much chemistry off screen. Finding out they would play Seattle Police detectives Weaver and Rogers in Once Upon a Time season 7 sounded like something that could reflect that bromance on screen. OUAT Buddy Cops? But it’s taken a long time for Detectives Weaver and Rogers to [...]


Crisis on Earth-X Two Earths. Two Nights. Too Many Heroes to Count — Caity Lotz. 4 shows Almost a month of 13-hour camera days/16-hour work days. 20 superheroes on Waverider set for one sequence. 13 superheroes under Vancouver’s Granville Bridge for one sequence. Scheduling board. Danielle Panabaker photo. September 22nd to ….October 20th? Supergirl – [...]