NEW SERIES: Showtime’s YELLOWJACKETS With Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey & Tawny Cyprus Filming in Vancouver This Summer

Yellowjackets Big Little Lies meets Lord of the Flies.  Showtime’s Yellowjackets series, about a girls’ high school soccer team who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the wilderness, is filming in Vancouver this summer. Filming dates: May 3rd to September

NEW SKED: THE FLASH & SUPERGIRL To Team Up Tuesday Nights Starting March 30th Until SUPERMAN & LOIS Returns May 18th

The Flash and Supergirl The Flash and Supergirl are teaming up on Tuesday nights, starting March 30th until Superman & Lois returns in May. The CW needed to take Superman & Lois off the board temporarily because the show has

RETURN: Melissa Benoist Back on Set as SUPERGIRL For Final Season of Filming in Vancouver.

Supergirl Back to Work. Melissa Benoist is back on set as Supergirl today for the final season of filming in Vancouver. She did the classic Supergirl landing pose, according to Elena. idk what this is but y’all can have a

PREMIERE DATE: New Series KUNG FU With Olivia Liang Premieres Wednesday, April 7th, on The CW

Kung Fu The new Kung Fu series with Olivia Liang  —  a reimagining of the 1970s show with David Carradine — premieres Wednesday, April 7th on the CW. ET has some new stills of the series which has been filming

WRAP: THE ADAM PROJECT With Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana Has Wrapped Four Days Early in Vancouver

The Adam Project A man travels back in time to get help from his 12-year-old self to find their late father and save the future. Netflix movie The Adam Project has wrapped filming in Vancouver four days early. Ryan Reynolds instagram.

RENEWED: SUPERMAN & LOIS With Tyler Hoechlin & Elizabeth Tulloch Renewed For Season 2 of Filming in Vancouver

Superman & Lois Updated: Superman & Lois got an early renewal  today for season 2 of filming in Vancouver. The series, which premiered last week, tells the story of  Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s new life in  Smallville with their

PREMIERE: THE FLASH Season 7 With Grant Gustin Debuts Tonight With The First of The Final 3 Mirrorverse Episodes

The Flash All’s Well That Ends Wells. The Flash season 7 premieres tonight with the first of the final three Mirrorverse episodes. Star Grant Gustin explains: Season 7 of The Flash finally premieres tonight after being off the air for

NEW SEASON: SNOWPIERCER Season 3 With Daveed Diggs & Jennifer Connelly Starts Filming in Vancouver

Snowpiercer The Snowpiercer World  is Getting Warmer. What will that mean for season 3 of  Snowpiercer which starts filming in Vancouver today? Filming dates: March 2nd to July 30th. Snowpiercer was renewed just ahead of its season 2 premiere on

PREMIERE: DEBRIS With Jonathan Tucker & Riann Steele Debuts Tonight on NBC

Debris Every piece has the power to change our world. NBC series Debris, premiering tonight, follows two agents  as they investigate the mysterious effects on people from the wreckage of an alien spacecraft. From Fringe showrunner Joel Wyman. When mysterious

BIG MOVIE: THE ADAM PROJECT With Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo & Jennifer Garner Winds Down in Vancouver

The Adam Project Normally, at the end of a film, I’m outta there so fast, there’s a Ryan-sized hole in the wall. But not this time… as The Adam Project winds down. — Ryan Reynolds. Netflix movie The Adam Project

SEASON 3: Soldier Boy (Not Jensen Ackles) At “Dawn of the Seven” Event For THE BOYS in Toronto

The Boys Steve LeBlanc image. Updated. Soldier Boy? The Boys is shooting a Dawn of the Seven World Premiere at the Toronto Convention Centre tonight. And this looks like Soldier Boy (a Captain America parody) on the red carpet, but